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Indie Beer Week

Indie Beer Week is a chance to celebrate the amazing and vibrant craft beer scene in Ireland. From Dingle to Letterkenny and from Dublin to Westport, a large program of events are put on by independent breweries to give the public a chance to get to know better what goes into making their beers.

The Irish independent brewing scene has never been healthier than in recent years, with the public’s interest in varieties of beverages, brewing techniques, and new flavours has been piqued like never before. Amongst those involved in Indie Beer Week are popular names like Dungarvan Brewing Company, Trouble Brewing, and Eight Degrees, as well as up-and-coming operations like White Hag from Sligo and Kinnegar Brewing from Donegal.

While the full program of events will be announced closer to the festival itself, Indie Beer Week will undoubtedly provide numerous opportunities to learn about brewing culture, meet the folks behind these businesses, and taste a lot of new and exciting brews.

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