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From Under The Bed

From Under The Bed is a tale of two aging brothers, Eugene and Pat McPartland. The two men are both aging bachelors living in rural Ireland in the late 1970s, thick as thieves, a lives spent largely in one another’s company.

One night, in desperation, Pat wakes his sleeping brother Eugene. He’s wearing his good suit and wants to talk. All the years of regret and solitude are dragged up in a play that mixes heartbreak with humour, in a manner typical of its author Seamus O’Rourke.

What happens when all the baggage we have is dragged out and opened up? From Under The Bed is a heartrending glance at rural Irish life in times gone by, but also manages to touch at universal themes.


Admission Prices:

  • €16




Event Dates:

  • Thu, 22 February 2018 20:00 - 22:00

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