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As part of digital_self, Julie Martin and Billy Klüver of Experiments in Art and Technology (or EAT) will be presenting a series of screenings of films they have produced. The screenings take place in IMMA’s Lecture Room each Tuesday lunchtime throughout the course of the exhibition, and those interested can simply drop into each screening.

EAT is a group which, beginning in the 1960s, sought to develop collaborations between artists and engineers, initiating projects that expanded the role of the artist in contemporary society and helped eliminate the separation of the individual from technological change.

Raw documentary film and sound recordings from nine evenings hosted by EAT in New York in October 1966 provide the material for the reconstruction of the artists’ original performances in these films. There will also be some documentary features, such as interviews with some of the artists involved, who include among them John Cage, David Tudor, Robert Rauschenberg and Lucinda Childs.

This is a unique opportunity to gain an insight into this amazing era in the contemporary art world, and consider how the interaction of art and technology has developed in the time since.


Event Dates:

  • Tue, 20 February 2018 13:00 - 15:00

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